About Us

Immunisation Coalition – who are we?

The Immunisation Coalition is a not for profit advocacy group with a mission to create awareness regarding the important of immunisation.

Immunisation still provides the best protection against infectious diseases. We work with consumers, health professionals and organisations with an interest in immunisation and government health agencies, ensuring that the information provided to consumers through our website and other communication channels is current, easily understood and scientifically informed.

The Influenza Specialist Group is a Special Interest Group of the Immunisation Coalition. We are a group of medical and scientific specialists dedicated to protecting Australians from the effects of influenza.

We work with key Australian professional and consumer groups, and with Australian Federal, State and Territory Departments of Health.

Our aim is to create awareness for influenza, its prevention and treatment.

The organisation was born in 1990 in response to influenza vaccine shortages. At that time the National Health and Medical Research Council (NH&MRC) immunisation procedures recommended annual vaccination in older adults and at-risk groups. But there was little promotion of influenza vaccination, little vaccine was used and the risks associated with influenza were poorly appreciated in Australia. With media reports of an impending epidemic in 1990, vaccine supplies were quickly exhausted.

The response was to initiate the Influenza Awareness Program to avoid future vaccine shortages and create awareness among consumers and healthcare professionals.

What do we do?

We aim to educate the community about the potential severity and impact of influenza. We do this by:

Creating awareness within the general public.

Providing the latest information and research to the public, health care professionals and the media.Fostering effective prevention and treatment. (See: Prevention, Treatment and Producing vaccine for more information).

The Immunisation Coalition undertakes an annual public awareness campaign developed by the Influenza Specialists aimed at educating the community about the potential severity and consequences of influenza and the importance of preventing infection and applying appropriate treatment.

The Influenza program is developed each year at the annual Scientific Meeting for Influenza in conjunction with other relevant groups. This ensures that the Influenza Awareness Program’s content and focus is relevant and up to date.

Launched in 1992, the Influenza Awareness Program has been continued by the organisation in conjunction with high profile professional organisations such as the Australian Medical Association and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. The campaign further enlists the support of major patient advocacy groups, such as the Asthma Council Australia, Heart Foundation and Diabetes Australia to target specific at-risk Australians.

Who do we work with?

Along with our international colleagues, associate members and affiliates, we’re committed to minimising the spread and severity of influenza. We work in conjunction with key professional and consumer groups and Australian Federal, State and Territory departments of health in their educational activities regarding influenza and its prevention.